The way we think tends to be how we choose to carry ourselves, and the first step to growth is in our self-love journey. We have to remember not only to love, but to intentionally affirm and support ourselves.

One way to ensure that we speak the love and light that we want in life is through affirmations.

Affirmations are statements that assert that something is true. Implementing positive affirmations in your life is essentially declaring positive thoughts about yourself that are meaningful into the universe. Once you implement affirmations into your life, you allow yourself to embark on a spiritual journey and remove the negative thoughts limiting your growth- replacig them instead with positive thoughts.

Affirmations can be implemented in your life in many different ways. You could opt to repeat a daily affirmation three times a day, or write down affirmations to place throughout your living space- Being Mary Jane style, but whichever way you choose- consistency is key.

Affirmations are not merely about setting goals; they are about you are actually living and thriving in that goal. You experience the end of your desires as your truth and reality by envisioning that affirmation fully.
Through this visualization, you will ultimately form points of attractions in your life, that will allow you to begin living your desires as reality.

Here Are 7 Affirmations To Begin your Spiritual Journey:

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