As a makeup artist, I’ve found that people don’t need very much makeup to highlight their features. It’s one thing to create a total transformation and another to accentuate what’s already there. That’s my intention when I create looks for my clients: to make their faces pop through pure accentuation.

For eyes, I like to be mindful of the shape and draw attention to them with a colorful liner or a smoky shadow. Cheeks can be highlighted through your traditional contour method and/or with blush — which doesn’t have to be your classic pink. Lips are always fun to dress up because there are so many options, whether with liner and a matte stain or nude gloss.

One, some or all of these techniques can be achieved quickly and come in handy during work or family calls. So, in the coming weeks, when we’re all in front of our computers wishing family merry holidays, it’ll be time to put them to the test.

Here are seven makeup tricks to spice up your video chats for the holidays. (Photos from Pinterest) 

1. Warm/Bold Eyeshadow Looks

Whether you want all of the focus on your eyes or just something to brighten them up a bit, browns, coppers and mauves will do the trick. I suggest tapping into your shadow a few times and applying along the crease before working your way down to your lash line. 

2. Festive Lashes

Lashes can be tricky to apply, but so much fun to wear. Once you find a pair that matches your mood, make sure you have some lash glue, too. When it comes to applying, a little glue goes a long way and waiting until the glue is about halfway dry will help them to stay on longer. 

3. Colorful Eyeliner

Now I know a full blown, candy cane-inspired liner sounds like a lot. And, it might be too much to try and create it for the first time right before video chatting with family. However, if you start off by tracing your eye shape with white liner and adding in thin red lines (from your fave red lipstick; using a slanted brush) will do the trick. 

4. Warm/Deep Blushes

Depending on your skin tone, warm or deep blushes may suit you better. Blush like any other makeup product (besides foundation) is meant to accentuate; not to cover your whole cheek/face. Build up to the amount of color you want and don’t be afraid to apply with your fingers. 

5. Bold Matte/Glossy Lipstick

When it comes to lipstick, I’ve become a big fan of matte finishes. They’re bold and usually longlasting, if you’re lucky. Glosses are packing pigment these days, too – giving you more than one way to play with color. Either of these shades will suffice for a playful lip that’s festive and fun. 

6. Colored Mascara

Mascara has become a go-to for both glam and natural looks over the years, but color mascara has taken it to a whole ‘nother level. Now, you can be festive without applying false lashes, if that’s not your jam. The color will pop on your melanin and you’ll be in the holiday spirit. You’re welcome! 

7. Beginner’s Contour 

Contouring and highlighting have gained a bad rep for being a lot more difficult than they actually are. The key is learning and being aware of your face shape. Contour with a cream or powder that’s about two shades darker than your tone and the opposite for highlighting. Apply the contour along the edges of where you want to highlight and apply the highlighting, brighter shade on the spaces that you want to stand out. 

And there you have it, Temple Indigo family! A beat face in minutes, whether you’re combining tricks or choosing just a few. For me personally, even though I’m distancing from friends and away from family at the moment: I WILL have a beat face for my video chats.

Hope you enjoy creating and wearing yours!

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