Take What You Want (Except For My Closet) But Leave My Candles & Plants

As a fairly new plant mom, I’ve come to realize that few things in the world bring me as much joy as my candles and my plants.  Now, I know the title of this piece says “except for my closet”, and that’s because my clothes and shoes are the greatest expressions of my spirit and […]

It’s Women’s Month Every Month So Let’s Celebrate Us Everyday: Starting With My Mom

With all the talk of Women’s History month, I’m constantly being reminded that Black women make the world go ‘round.  Whether in the world of politics or entertainment, we hold on down for us and, meanwhile, everyone else gets to reap the benefits. Black women are Women’s History in all that we’ve endured and accomplished. And I can’t […]

How My Bedroom Became My Sanctuary

How My Bedroom Became My Sanctuary

My obsession with decor began when I was a little girl growing up in my parent’s house and helping my mom re-arrange furniture every other weekend. At the time, I wasn’t very fond of the activity; but the more I did it, the better of an eye I developed for it. Soon it was no […]

Where I’m Going First When Outside Opens Back Up

The first time that I ever traveled was for my second grade class trip to Sacramento, CA. I remember getting to the airport and feeling so tiny standing near baggage claim — but also extremely curious about everything around me. Around that time is also when I first started to notice the excitement my Dad felt whenever […]

Consent: Why We Need It & Why Asking For It Needs To Be Normalized

If this is one of the first times that you’re reading the phrase “normalize consent”, then it may sound like a foreign concept. “Normalizing” something requires that we think about it often, talk about it openly and do it every chance that we get.  “Consent” requires us to consider permissions, what’s legal vs. illegal and, […]