How To Lighten Your Load When Everything Feels Heavy


Let’s be real: dealing with politics, social distancing, income, mental health, and everything in between all at once sounds like way too much. And yet, it’s what seems to be plaguing so many of us right now. At least before all this, we could blow off some steam by spending time with family and friends.  […]

The Newbie’s Guide To Plant Parenting

The Newbie's Guide To Plant Parenting

Adding life to your space can be done in so many different ways: A good, deep clean, refreshing your decor and/or, my personal favorite, adding plants are sure fire ways to give a room a new look and feel. Going the plant route might require a little more TLC depending on which plants you gravitate […]

Rebounding: It’s As Mental (& Spiritual) As It Is Physical

Relationships are some of our most prized possessions. While they aren’t necessarily “things to possess”, they bring us joy, they help us grow and they remind us of who we are. Although, ultimately, it’s the relationship that we have with ourselves that inform how we move through the world. So, even when they come to […]

How To Keep It Spicy With Your Non-Boo, Boo and/or Bae During A Panorama

How To Keep It Spicy With Your Non-Boo, Boo, And Or Bae During A Panorama

When you’ve been spending more time than usual with your non-boo, boo or bae, things can start to feel a bit monotonous. It may feel like the monotony is due to a lack of interest, when it could simply be a lack of inspiration. Think about when you fell for your partner or decided you […]

Keama Official Sits Down With Temple Indigo

Preserving culture rests on the shoulders of artists. No matter the kind, whether orators, painters or designers, the stories that we tell create the culture that we embrace. It’s not created in department stores or on runways – it’s in our DNA, our hair, our skin, our homes and our places of worship. We have […]

Celebrate Every Black Woman Or Leave Us Alone: Music, Awards & Palatability

Music genres — like award shows — have a history of boxing in mainstream artists, while excluding alternative artists. Within the last few years, genre-benders have forced nomination boards to develop new categories that accommodate their unique sound. And while these categories allow for a little more wiggle room, they still have an undertone of palatability. Between the media […]

Boundaries: How To Set Them & Why You Need Them To Survive

Taking care of ourselves has become increasingly important as we enter into what will be yet another year of social distancing. Many of us no longer work in offices, no longer shop in stores, and no longer stop by the local bar for ambience and a drink. We’ve lost access to the environments and experiences […]

(Wellbeing &) Pleasure Play by Play: Moesha vs. The Parkers

When we think about the love that can be experienced in high school versus that of college, it’s almost like comparing apples to oranges (or if we’re thinking about it from a holiday theme, then pumpkins to sweet potatoes.) Sure, high school and college are both times of self-discovery, but there’s usually an assumed level of […]