“(Wellbeing &) Pleasure Play by Play”: Half & Half vs. The Game

Somehow, many of us have lived most of our lives under the impression that “having it together” is the determining factor of adulthood. We’ve lived our lives under the guise that our relationships need to be perfect, too – without any confusion or grey area. Although, if this time apart from one another has taught […]

(Wellbeing ) & Pleasure Play by Play: One on One vs. Sister Sister

When we talk about the wellbeing of Black women in America, we have to talk about the ways in which we’ve been portrayed. Media has often been the platform that’s provided us with representation, whether through the eyes of others or creators from our own communities. However, as Black women gained more access to the […]

Whether Newly Single Or Calling A New City Home: Here’s How To Celebrate The Holidays

Celebrating the holidays means something different for everyone. For some, it’s spending time with family. And for others it’s keeping traditions alive. If you’re newly single, it could mean finding a new family and establishing traditions of your own. A combination of old and new favorites when it comes to music, recipes and decor can […]

7 Makeup Tricks To Spice Up Your Video Chats For The Holidays

As a makeup artist, I’ve found that people don’t need very much makeup to highlight their features. It’s one thing to create a total transformation and another to accentuate what’s already there. That’s my intention when I create looks for my clients: to make their faces pop through pure accentuation. For eyes, I like to […]

(Wellbeing &) Pleasure Play by Play: Season 1 of Girlfriends

Ask any Black woman between her late twenties and early forties what their favorite sitcoms were growing up, and it’s almost a guarantee that they’ll mention Girlfriends. For many of us, Girlfriends became the holy grail of Black woman-sitcoms for several reasons. The first being representation – despite Black American TV flourishing in the late […]

5 Black Women Political Pioneers To Celebrate

When it comes to political or social justice of any kind, Black women have served as pioneers. We’ve run for office, given speeches, marched in the streets, reported on current events and created artwork to reflect the times. Kamala Harris, the very first Black woman Vice President of the United States is soon to be […]

A Gift Guide For The Makeup Lover In Your Life: From Drugstore to Department Store

Whether to transform or enhance, makeup has become a tool that people of all backgrounds use to embrace themselves. Newbies, enthusiasts and artists have all built a community through shared appreciation for the products and tools that enhance self-expression. During this holiday season, gifting those beloved items is key to appreciating the makeup lovers in […]

Black Woman-Owned Companies Keeping You Cozy This Winter

It’s been a long ass year, y’all, and as we start to close the tab on 2020, it’s important that we continue to take good care of ourselves. Even in the midst of a pandemic and a revolution, self-care and wellness are critical. They’re what help us to recenter, to prioritize ourselves and support those […]