Twenty Years, Twenty Lessons: What I’ve Learned So Far Now That I’m 20

Last month, I celebrated my 20th birthday with some of the most important people in my life. I would have never imagined spending my birthday in the middle of a pandemic — nor would I have imagined typing this article in the comforts of my mother’s home. Regardless of the circumstances, I have still maintained some significant […]

Temple Tunes: The Playlist for Manifesting into 2021

2020 has been beyond overwhelming and is notably one of the most tumultuous years I’ve ever experienced. From the beginning of a pandemic to the loss of so many legends like Chadwick Boseman and Kobe Bryant, this year has brought a wave of emotions. But even amid the chaos, there is still room for positive […]

Screen-free ways to unplug during the holidays

As we enter the holiday season and spend time with our loved ones or enjoy the holiday season alone, you may also be looking for ways to disconnect from the overwhelming bright screens that come from our many devices. To help with this, Temple Indigo has created a list of screen-free ways to unplug during […]

Temple Tunes: The Playlist to Elevate Your Mood

During the stay at home lockdowns and worries related to the impact of COVID-19, it is easy to get down and discouraged about the uncertain future. Luckily, music is a great way to help elevate your mood to make you feel happier and more hopeful about the future.  Temple Indigo has created a playlist filled […]

Cozy Collections: Winter Style Guide Featuring Black-Owned Brands

When the temperature begins to drop, it always feels like a challenge to style outfits that look fashionable without forcing yourself to freeze in the process. Despite the inconveniences of the chilly weather conditions, you can still style cute and cozy everyday looks. Temple Indigo is here to offer you a mini shopping guide for […]

Black-Owned Skin Care Guide: Winter Edition

By: Corinne Dorsey It’s National Healthy Skin Care Month, and Temple Indigo has created the perfect winter skincare guide featuring products from black-owned skincare companies. As we enter the season of snow angels and marshmallows by the fire, there is no denying our skin is more susceptible to dry skin than ever. The winter’s dry […]

7 Affirmations to Begin Your Spiritual Journey

The way we think tends to be how we choose to carry ourselves, and the first step to growth is in our self-love journey. We have to remember not only to love, but to intentionally affirm and support ourselves. One way to ensure that we speak the love and light that we want in life […]