It’s been a long ass year, y’all, and as we start to close the tab on 2020, it’s important that we continue to take good care of ourselves. Even in the midst of a pandemic and a revolution, self-care and wellness are critical. They’re what help us to recenter, to prioritize ourselves and support those around us.

Sure, we may not be able to spend as much time with one another, but that doesn’t mean that we need to neglect ourselves as a result. Whether your self-care looks like curling up with a good book or movie and some wine, taking a candle-lit bath, or diving into creative activities like painting, finding those things that bring us joy and clarity can change the game. It can equip us with ways to express and decompress while navigating our experiences. And who better to support while taking care of ourselves than Black women? Here’s a list of Black woman-owned companies keeping you cozy and carefree while you get your winter-wellness on. 

First things first, if you’re looking to curl up with a good book or movie and some wine then you’ll need the following: 

Candles can make or break an experience because scents are the strongest triggers of memories. If you’re self-caring and light a candle that doesn’t bring a warm or fresh feeling, that could be the difference between creating a routine and giving up altogether. Me, personally, I love warm, heavy scents like pumpkin, musk and things along those lines. However, if you’re more of a vanilla, freesia or fresh laundry person, by all means, find the perfect candle for you and your space. These Black women-owned brands offer an array of sixes and scents to set the tone for your intentions. 

Black woman-owned candle companies 

Now that you’ve set your scents, it’s time to choose your form of entertainment. Winter calls for reflection and reminders. Reflection on our patterns, our present and our goals. Reminders can be in the form of affirmations like “I am brilliant.” “I am beautiful.” “I am worthy of abundance.” Literature, film, art and crafts can help in both these areas whether they speak to our experiences or expose us to new ones. These books, series and DIY activities created by Black women take us into worlds characterized by fantasy, reality, love and/or Black womanhood.   

Black woman-created books, series & DIY activities 

Scent: check. Book/series: check. Blanket: choose your fighter. Whether light or heavyweight, throws always come in handy. They’re more than decor: the perfect extra layer when you want to feel extra comfy – while working during the day or enjoying the night. I’ve come to have a different appreciation for throws especially during these social distancing times. These Black women have created a plethora of beautiful throws that are sure to add cozy to any book-reading or binge-watching session. 

Black woman-owned throw blanket companies

Add to these mood-setters the right glass of wine and you have yourself a proper night-in. With wine being a lot more accessible and affordable than it used to be, the options are plenty. And, if you don’t have the budget to travel to the destinations of your dreams, you can always dream while you’re sipping on the libations of those lands. Whether local or international, Black women are carving out their own space in the wine world making it that much easier for us to support us and enjoy ourselves in the process. Check out these Black women-owned wine brands that’re trailblazing and taking names. 

Black woman-owned wine brands

Now that you have a solid list of recommendations for a successful cozy winter evening, you can get started on enjoying these colder months. Sprinkle some of these moments into your work schedule especially if you’re working from home. They’re necessary in keeping us grounded and in helping us to enjoy ourselves despite the pandemic/revolution. We are the only people that can give ourselves permission to thrive and enjoy. And there’s no better time than now to get started.

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