Take What You Want (Except For My Closet) But Leave My Candles & Plants

As a fairly new plant mom, I’ve come to realize that few things in the world bring me as much joy as my candles and my plants.  Now, I know the title of this piece says “except for my closet”, and that’s because my clothes and shoes are the greatest expressions of my spirit and […]

How My Bedroom Became My Sanctuary

How My Bedroom Became My Sanctuary

My obsession with decor began when I was a little girl growing up in my parent’s house and helping my mom re-arrange furniture every other weekend. At the time, I wasn’t very fond of the activity; but the more I did it, the better of an eye I developed for it. Soon it was no […]

Where I’m Going First When Outside Opens Back Up

The first time that I ever traveled was for my second grade class trip to Sacramento, CA. I remember getting to the airport and feeling so tiny standing near baggage claim — but also extremely curious about everything around me. Around that time is also when I first started to notice the excitement my Dad felt whenever […]

The Newbie’s Guide To Plant Parenting

The Newbie's Guide To Plant Parenting

Adding life to your space can be done in so many different ways: A good, deep clean, refreshing your decor and/or, my personal favorite, adding plants are sure fire ways to give a room a new look and feel. Going the plant route might require a little more TLC depending on which plants you gravitate […]

Whether Newly Single Or Calling A New City Home: Here’s How To Celebrate The Holidays

Celebrating the holidays means something different for everyone. For some, it’s spending time with family. And for others it’s keeping traditions alive. If you’re newly single, it could mean finding a new family and establishing traditions of your own. A combination of old and new favorites when it comes to music, recipes and decor can […]

Creating Traditions: How to Approach the Holiday Season After Loss

The holiday season is known for being a time of joy and celebration. But it can also be hard for many people. Thanksgiving forces us to acknowledge what we’re grateful for and find the abundance in our lives, often alongside family and loved ones. Christmas also forces us to surround ourselves with people we love, […]

Black Woman-Owned Companies Keeping You Cozy This Winter

It’s been a long ass year, y’all, and as we start to close the tab on 2020, it’s important that we continue to take good care of ourselves. Even in the midst of a pandemic and a revolution, self-care and wellness are critical. They’re what help us to recenter, to prioritize ourselves and support those […]