Thanks To American Airlines, I learned An Important Lesson About Gratitude

Last week, both social media and the local news reported that American Airlines had to cancel thousands of flights unexpectedly. A lot of people were left to sleep in airports, or had to wait for hours until a different flight was available. Lo and behold, I was one of those people. I was flying back from a […]

Check On Me Tonight! It’s Time For A Mid-Year Review

It’s June y’all! I cannot believe we are already halfway through the year! Personally, this year is going a lot smoother than 2020— however, we all have still dealt with our fair share of bullshit.  Since it’s the middle of the year, it’s a good time to check in with yourself and where you stand […]

Because I Got High: Confronting the Realities of My Cannabis Addiction

Me to myself: Hello, my name is Simone and I’ve been misusing cannabis to cure my anxiety. I’m ready to get to know the new/old me.  Myself back to me: Heyyyy girl! Nice to meet you! This process is going to be hard, but it’s necessary! You a baddie by the way. Give yourself some grace. I […]

How To Lighten Your Load When Everything Feels Heavy


Let’s be real: dealing with politics, social distancing, income, mental health, and everything in between all at once sounds like way too much. And yet, it’s what seems to be plaguing so many of us right now. At least before all this, we could blow off some steam by spending time with family and friends.  […]

Rebounding: It’s As Mental (& Spiritual) As It Is Physical

Relationships are some of our most prized possessions. While they aren’t necessarily “things to possess”, they bring us joy, they help us grow and they remind us of who we are. Although, ultimately, it’s the relationship that we have with ourselves that inform how we move through the world. So, even when they come to […]

Honoring The Shadow: Healing Our Inner Child

Honoring The Shadow- Healing Our Inner Child

The little girl I saw by the water ran into the sun. Her reflection traced the water near her feet; her hair and skin alive with possibility. You wouldn’t believe how long she lived in the shadows, a frail thing seemingly plucked from beneath the stairs. She looked like me. Brighter, more awake, less fearful. […]

Boundaries: How To Set Them & Why You Need Them To Survive

Taking care of ourselves has become increasingly important as we enter into what will be yet another year of social distancing. Many of us no longer work in offices, no longer shop in stores, and no longer stop by the local bar for ambience and a drink. We’ve lost access to the environments and experiences […]

I Hug My Fupa At Night: On Body Love After Trauma


The relationship I’ve had with my body has always ebbed and flowed. I grew up an athlete: tall-ish and awkward, a tomboy creature with no fear of bruised legs and scratches. The trees outside my great aunt’s home went climbed every summer with scrapes of my skin dotted along its trunk. The scar on my […]