Screen-free ways to unplug during the holidays

As we enter the holiday season and spend time with our loved ones or enjoy the holiday season alone, you may also be looking for ways to disconnect from the overwhelming bright screens that come from our many devices. To help with this, Temple Indigo has created a list of screen-free ways to unplug during […]

7 Makeup Tricks To Spice Up Your Video Chats For The Holidays

As a makeup artist, Iโ€™ve found that people donโ€™t need very much makeup to highlight their features. Itโ€™s one thing to create a total transformation and another to accentuate whatโ€™s already there. Thatโ€™s my intention when I create looks for my clients: to make their faces pop through pure accentuation. For eyes, I like to […]

Tips And Tricks To Break Out Of The Dreaded “Creative Block”

Creatorโ€™s block is not fun, no matter what kind of art you make.  Inspiration is something that naturally ebbs and flows. We know this โ€” and yet as creatives it can still feel jarring and hopeless when we find ourselves unable to create. What is a writer who doesnโ€™t write? What is a photographer who […]

Creating Traditions: How to Approach the Holiday Season After Loss

The holiday season is known for being a time of joy and celebration. But it can also be hard for many people. Thanksgiving forces us to acknowledge what weโ€™re grateful for and find the abundance in our lives, often alongside family and loved ones. Christmas also forces us to surround ourselves with people we love, […]

Why #BodyGoals Aren’t Important in a Pandemic

Remember the early stages of the pandemic when you thought that youโ€™d only be stuck at home for two weeks, tops? And then you thought it would be a little bit longer, but by summer we would all be back to normal again?  You may have spent your time at home committing yourself to at-home […]

Black-Owned Skin Care Guide: Winter Edition

By: Corinne Dorsey It’s National Healthy Skin Care Month, and Temple Indigo has created the perfect winter skincare guide featuring products from black-owned skincare companies. As we enter the season of snow angels and marshmallows by the fire, there is no denying our skin is more susceptible to dry skin than ever. The winter’s dry […]

How To Heal From A Friendship Breakup

As quiet as itโ€™s kept, the end of a friendship can be just as traumatic as breaking up with your romantic partner. My friends are my sisters. We are each otherโ€™s confidants, and could probably write an entire book about each otherโ€™s lives. Great friends are there to celebrate your wins and motivate you to […]

Black Woman-Owned Companies Keeping You Cozy This Winter

It’s been a long ass year, yโ€™all, and as we start to close the tab on 2020, it’s important that we continue to take good care of ourselves. Even in the midst of a pandemic and a revolution, self-care and wellness are critical. Theyโ€™re what help us to recenter, to prioritize ourselves and support those […]