Keep Your Bible: I Found My Queerness in Black Religion (Part I) Initiation


I floated alone.  The sun’s Jesus piece gold sliced through the ocean’s mild oscillations. Glancing around, chin crossing over chest to shade one shoulder before the next, I surveyed the unfamiliar expanse. My face soaked up the luminary’s warmth, like bee suckling nectar. Though neither landmass nor sign of human life, neither boat nor waterworn […]

7 Affirmations to Begin Your Spiritual Journey

The way we think tends to be how we choose to carry ourselves, and the first step to growth is in our self-love journey. We have to remember not only to love, but to intentionally affirm and support ourselves. One way to ensure that we speak the love and light that we want in life […]

Are We Still Doing New Year Resolutions? How To Move On From 2020 With Intention

If you have lost something or someone this year, you are far from alone.  Sometimes this fact can be comforting, and other times it can be even more depressing. Witnessing collective grief and tragedy can sometimes make your own personal grief even more exhausting. 2020 has been hard for everyone. As the new decade opened, […]

How To Navigate The November 2020 Gemini Full Moon

I have seriously underestimated the importance of paying attention to the phases of the moon. Since becoming aware of lunar cycles, I’ve noticed that at certain times of the month I am deeeeep in my feelings, and at other times, I’m more in tune with my creative side. The moon is going through various cycles […]