When the temperature begins to drop, it always feels like a challenge to style outfits that look fashionable without forcing yourself to freeze in the process. Despite the inconveniences of the chilly weather conditions, you can still style cute and cozy everyday looks.

Temple Indigo is here to offer you a mini shopping guide for your winter style as we enter into the chillier months. This styling guide featuring black-owned designers’ work is a great tool to help purchase the best essential looks for your winter wardrobe!

Top Your Look off with A Hat

Hats are a must-have item in your winter closet this season; not only does this accessory keep your head warm in the chilly months, but it serves as an extra element to boost your look! Hats come in a plethora of styles, and you should always look to have a few extras in your winter wardrobe. 

Check out Theodore Vernell’s Custom Beanies that implement satin lining; the lining helps prevent breakage and frizzy hair, preserves short hairstyles, and feels great on bald heads. If you fall in love with that, you’ll adore the satin-lined shower caps and sleep caps. 

Boots are the Foundation of Your Fit

Women’s boots are a staple not only in the fall, but in the winter— and elevates almost any outfit you pair them with. Boots double down by offering you warmth, whether it’s a chilly day, or full on snowing in your area. For any winter boots collection, you need functionality and style to provide you with optimal comfort and let you make a fashion statement in the process. 

For cozy boots to add to your collection, take a look at Zappos or Nordstrom or affordable pieces to add to your winter lookbook. 

Add Layers: Get a Collection of Sweaters

Fall through winter is quite literally sweater weather, so you won’t be surprised to hear that sweaters are the heart of your winter collection. Your closet should be filled with several layers that are as thick and thin as the weather requires. When selecting sweaters, make sure to leave a bit of space to layer up knits and t-shirts to be extra warm. 

Melanin is Life is a great store to take a look at for your winter sweater and sweatshirt needs; they have the cutest pieces that promote all things melanin. 

Accessorize: Don’t forget your Scarves and Wraps

Scarves and wraps work as beautiful accessories to a completed outfit. Whether you’re wearing your little black dress to dinner, or making a run to your local grocery store, give you outfit an extra oomph by adding in this much-needed accessory. Adding fabrics like wool offers a cold-fighting fix to your wardrobe.
When deciding which scarves and wraps to add to your collection, lean towards warm materials that aren’t too overwhelming in cold indoor environments. If you are in areas that are only a bit chilly or want to add an extra element to your winter fit, go for lighter fabrics that mesh perfectly with regular outfits.

The Finishing Touch: A Staple Coat

Your winter outfit is never complete without a staple coat to layer up your fit and offer an extra bit of warmth to your style. When purchasing coats, it’s important to remember that you should look for something that now only fits your style and your climate environment. 

The winter coat can either make or break your outfit, can even cover the not so thought outfits you wear when running errands. When purchasing, consider whether you tend the layer or not because you don’t want the coat to make you feel constrained instead of comfortable. 

Ikire Jones has the perfect statement coats to add to your collection; one unique element about their line is that every piece to be one-of-a-kind and will be a real showstopper in your lookbook.

How are you keeping fleek and fashionable this winter season? Share your favorite wardrobe picks in the comments below!

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