Transitioning from summer to fall to winter can cause a lot of wear and tear on our skin. That’s why it’s important to not only establish a daily regimen, but to have those specialty products on deck when we need a little more TLC. And not just the skin on your face…we’re talking about the skin on your body, too! Whether you’ve been feeling a little drier all over or you’re looking to work on your hyperpigmentation during some down time, these Black woman-owned, beauty products have got you covered. Here’s a list of butters, cleansers, moisturizers and masks that’ll help ease your skin into the upcoming winter months. 

  1. The 529 Trio by Redoux 

So about that regimen that I mentioned…if you’re looking for something a little more low 

key without sacrificing quality, this is it. Described in their reviews as “healing” and “the 

perfect gift”, The 529 Trip consists of natural oils that’re known to tackle inflammation 

and hyperpigmentation. 

  1. Start’rs Full-Size Bundle by Fenty Skin

I mean, it’s Fenty Skin…need we say more? When Rihanna decided to launch this side 

of her Fenty Beauty enterprise, fans rejoiced. In interviews, the mogul mentioned that 

she took the brightening, smoothing and nourishing qualities of the products she’s used 

over the years and created something that was efficient yet economical. 

  1. Green Juice Cleanser by Plants for Skin

Natural extracts that’re gentle on the skin are what make this cleanser a favorite. Their 

key ingredients of green tea, seaweed and cucumber are perfect for helping to calm 

breakouts – taking care of your skin similar to that of an actual green juice.  

  1. Oh Whale Aqua Mask by Nola Skinsentials

If you’re in need of some detoxification, this aquatic botanical mask is the product for 

you. It combines the clay consistency that many of us love with deepsea ingredients 

including sea buckthorn oil to calm your skin and make you say, “oh, whale yes!” 

  1. The Exfoliating Mask by Look Good Live Well 

Pumpkin enzymes make this the perfect, fall product for you to fall in love with – getting 

the job done in only five minutes. With the help of papaya enzymes and healing acids, 

this exfoliating mask gets rid of dead skin and discoloration. 

  1. Ingrown Hair Mask – 5 Treatment Set by Flaunt Body

Ingrown hairs: can’t live with them, can’t live with them. Depending on how often and 

with what kind of tool/process that you extract your hair, this can be a recurring issue, 

but thanks to this exfoliating mask that calms and soothes, you’ll be flaunting your 

repaired skin in no time.  

  1. Face Jelly by Base Butter 

Where my oily & combo skin gworls at?! *Raises both hands* Finding products in 

general, but particularly moisturizers (that don’t clog) can be really difficult. The 

lightweight consistency of this aloe vera-based gel gets the job done while regulating 

and disinfecting your skin. 

  1. Luminous Facial Serum by Brown Girl Jane 

For our CBD & Cannabis Sativa Oil lovers, here’s a facial serum that’ll help you glow 

from the inside out. Consider yourself balanced after using this anti-inflammatory oil that 

leaves you feeling dewy and doubles as a food-grade ingredient – you’re welcome! 

  1. Liquid Gold Luxury Glo Oil by Kanti 

Honestly…truly? They had me at luxury! This glo oil has all of the ingredients to help your 

skin and you feel like liquid gold targeting uneven texture and aging while being 

lightweight and moisturizing. 

  1. Cocoa Calm Shea-Cocoa Body Butter by Natural Ash Body

Few things feel better than hydrating your skin when it’s been feeling dry. This body 

butter care has a nostalgic cocoa butter scent and a firm texture that makes moisturizing 

feel that much more intentional. 

  1. Shea Lip Balm by Hana Hana Beauty 

First things first: the deep and rich color of this balm is a wonderful reminder that 

melanin has been and always will be poppin’. Beeswax, jojoba, cocoa and shea butter 

make this balm a must-have, a go-to and everything else in between.

And because we love you so much, here are a couple extras for you to try out – if you haven’t already! The “Lucuma Bright Exfoliating Mask” by Golde can be found in their Golden Glow Kit. Its turmeric and papaya ingredients will give you the brightening effect that’s still important even when the sun is hiding. And, let’s never forget, sunscreen is always a must so why not go with a brand that was made for us?! Be sure to share with us how you’re loving your new regimen and share this with your circle. Continue to take care of yourselves and each other!

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