As a proud cannabis connoisseur, I love receiving green gifts that help me unwind and ease my mind! The holiday season is in full swing and you may be wracking your brain on the perfect gift to buy for your stoner friends. This list has a good mix of the essentials for your casual consumer and specialty items for the advanced canna-enthusiasts in your life! Just because we love a good sesh doesn’t mean we can’t make it look sexy. Let’s call it: high fashion!

Keep scrolling to find some great gift ideas for the cannabis lover in your life!


1. Glow Detox CBD Bath Soak by Undefined Beauty

Taking a warm bath is a great way to de-stress! The cannabis cutie in your life will appreciate the Glow Detox CBD Bath Soak by Undefined Beauty. According to the website, this bath soak helps with easing soreness, dissolving stress, detoxifying and restoring balance

Buy it here for $32!


2. Brown Girl Janes CBD Yoni Oil

Brown Girl Janes CBD Yoni Oil is perfect for those who need some extra lubrication for sexual pleasure or if you experience pains associated with your menstrual cycle. This will make a great gift for a friend that is obsessed with plant-based wellness products!


Grab one for $58!


3. A T-Shirt from Jane Parade


Jane Parade has loads of fashionable stoner apparel and accessories. Their stylishly simple “Chronic” t-shirt design makes a versatile addition to your kush-lover’s wardrobe. Dress it up or keep it casual! Also, 10% of the proceeds from the sales of this shirt are being donated to the Official George Floyd Memorial Fund.

Buy the shirt for $30 and learn more about the memorial fund here!


4. A Lil Kim Grinder by xEnoughSaidx

Lil Kim Grinder

This Lil Kim grinder by xEnoughSaidx is a super dope addition to anyone’s weed kit! The Esty shop carries many other grinders that feature the shop owner’s original artwork. The reviews on this grinder are awesome and the Etsy shop has over 4,000 sales! It’s pretty safe to say that this is a high-quality grinder and your favorite stoner needs this in their lives!

Purchase the grinder here for $24!


5. A Customizable Best Friend Magic Accessory Pouch by 420Everything

Weed Pouch

Honestly…truly, the Customizable Best Friend Magic Accessory Pouch by 420Everything is at the top of my personal Christmas list and I’m sure my fellow ganja girls will love it! You can customize this gift by adding the name of your loved one which adds a sentimental touch to a very fashionable gift. The pouch comes in two sizes, small or large, and per the amazing reviews, it is worth every penny!

Grab your buddie (lol get it) a pouch for $20-$25 here!


6. Cannabis Passport Rolling Papers

These rolling papers make a great addition to your marijuana arsenal. Those who purchase the Cannabis Passport Rolling Papers will receive 100 soy-based rolling papers. As a cool addition, the creators present the rolling papers in a passport-like protective sleeve. They also include pages filled with facts from the world of cannabis.

Ready to take a trip? Purchase the cannabis passport here for $4.20


7. A Weed Kit from Cannakits

Baked Cannakit

Cannakits offer a wide variety of weed kits that’s come in different designs. This Barbie themed kit mini grinder, mini handmade clay ashtray, RAW perforated tips, ZigZag Rolling Papers (with a magnetic backing), and a mini Bic lighter with wax string. The kit features all the accessories you need to spark up!

Here is where you can purchase your Cannakit for $24.99


8. And a Dime Bag...Duh

Okay, be honest. Are you sick of smelling your homie’s stash? They might need a Dime Bag. This POC-owned company sells pouches, backpacks, duffels, belt bags, and more that actually trap in the smell of any green they might be carrying around with them. The pouch featured here comes in 18 colors and four different sizes – and it doubles as a rolling tray!

Grab a Dime Bag for $16.99


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