Welcome to a brand new editorial series by Temple Indigo called Heaux Tales! In each segment, you’ll be introduced to a brand new story of debauchery, sex-scapades, and good ol’ fashioned heaux’ing.

*Note: Each Heaux Tale is submitted anonymously by a Black womxn/femme.

This week’s submission features a steamy quickie and power play over a lowkey #toxic on-again off-again boo thang. Enjoy!

My heaux tale is how my current boyfriend and I went on a month break in the early part of our relationship.

We had different thoughts on life goals so we took some time apart. But during that time, my ex was still trying to communicate with me— even though he cheated on me multiple times, and emotionally and mentally manipulated me. The one positive thing throughout that entire shit-show relationship was that he had great oral sex skills.

So when he reached out to me again to meet up during my relationship break, I decided to do it— only to get some great sex out of it. Why not? I’d already moved on emotionally, and was more than aware of his toxic behavior.

I paid for a one-night’s stay in a hotel room for him, and when I checked him in we immediately started having sex. But I went home that name night. And the next morning, I went to the hotel again to make sure that my ex had checked out of his room. Well, when I got to the hotel room, he immediately started giving me oral sex: him, naked and just out the shower. And me fully clothed. I was wearing a dress, so he just pushed my underwear aside and went to town.

Best. Head. Game. Ever. I orgasmed so hard and still had my shoes on! Lmao.

I ended up leaving the room right after I climaxed and felt quite satisfied. No regrets. But my ex later called to ask why I had even slept with him if I wasn’t still interested.

My response?

“I’ve been over you. I just wanted to fuck. Bye.”

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