I don’t know about you, friend, but I love having sex — and I hate being hot. But alas, summer is naturally a sexy time of the year. From everyone being in their swimsuits, rooftop brunches, and men having the audacity to come out the house looking like thots in their gray shorts… it’s hard not to get hot and bothered. 

However, it is not sexy to borderline pass out from a heat stroke. 

It’s pretty normal for your body temperature to rise during sex. After all, your hormones are raging and there is more than likely a lot of moving. In addition, that skin-to-skin contact is causing friction! Whew, chile. Things can get hot and steamy… fast. Since I have no issues with admitting that I’m ‘hot in the tail’, below are a few tips and tricks to stay cool while getting it in this summer.

1. Use Some Ice

Go to the kitchen and grab some ice cubes. Then, rub them gently on your partner’s body and private parts, and watch them lose their minds. You can use regular ice cubes or ( if you are a very freaky girl) run to Morgan Freeman’s innanet and buy some sexy ice cube molds. Either way, the coolness of the ice cube will get it popping — quick!

2. Use Glass Sex Toys

This coincides with tip #1. You can put your glass toy in the refrigerator for a few hours while you are getting ready for your boo to pull up. Once y’all are together, go grab that bad boy and get ready to have your mind blown! Not only will the glass cool you off, but you will also be sent into pure ecstasy once the toy is used on your sexy parts! 10/10. I would definitely recommend it!  

3. Cut Down the A.C.

Sometimes you gotta turn your house into an icebox. This may not be practical to do every single day if you don’t live alone. However, every once in a while it’s okay to make your home feel like an igloo; especially if y’all are engaging in some heavy-duty f*cking. Alternatively, you can invest in a portable fan! Both will get the job done. Get ready to get the chills.

4. Try Some Heat Friendly Positions

Get into some positions that do not require too much body-to-body interaction. For example, doggy style and reverse cowgirl involve minimal skin-to-skin contact. But if you are still too hot, giving and receiving oral sex are perfect ways to experience pleasure without overheating. Mutual masturbation is another great way to get yours and not ending up in a pool of unnecessary sweat. 

And if you are brave? 

Tell bae to meet you in the shower and you can experiment with cooler versions of  ANY position you’d like! *Wink*

Will you try any of these tips? What are your secret ‘hot girl’ tips? Does a lil sweat even bother you? Let me know in the comments!


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