As I have increased my time at home, I often find myself searching for a comfortable area to relax and decompress. One of the best places that I’ve been able to do this ⁠— and also disconnect⁠ from social media and technology⁠ — is by having a spiritual bath. When most people think of a bath, what comes to mind is a warm and relaxing tub full of water with your favorite sparkling bath bomb fizzling and your favorite scent emanating through the air. Most people also think of the occasional candle complemented with a glass of your favorite drink, and some soothing music; however a spiritual bath is something very different. 

Don’t be alarmed if you’ve never heard of a spiritual bath, because it’s definitely very new to me as well. It’s only been brought to my attention after watching a youtube video by one of my favorite content creators, Anaya Ivy.

The process is definitely less daunting than it sounds, and there are many ways that you can take a spiritual bath. There’s even a possibility that you’ve already taken a spiritual bath before!  If you’ve ever found yourself enjoying a soak in a bath with a little more intent than usual, then you’re definitely on the right path to taking spiritual baths on a regular basis.

Spiritual baths, although more recently praised on the social scene, have been used in many cultures to clear the mind, cleanse the soul, and ultimately heal and align the chakras with an intention to heal the spirit. One of the main purposes of a spiritual bath is to help clear any blockage that can lead to more mental stress, negative energy, and mental blockage. 

One of the most important factors of a spiritual bath is starting with a clean and clutter-free tub. For your spiritual bath, the usual additions include herbs, flowers, and incense, but the most important aspect is your intention and prayer. Throughout the time you spend in the tub, it’s important to be without a phone or laptop nearby, so you can be transparent at the moment. This is the time to unplug and focus on your intended spiritual healing.

Although I am offering a few tips for taking part in a spiritual bath, there is no set way to take one. Your bath is prepared and set to each individual’s needs, so decide what you are hoping to achieve from taking a spiritual bath and go from there. 

Here are a few points to refer back to when planning to take your spiritual bath:

  • Take a shower before soaking.
    • This will clean your body and allow you to focus on your intent for the bath, relax, and clear the blockages.  
  • Make sure the space is clean and relaxing. 
    • The bathroom at that moment is your sacred space. Light some candles, burn some aromatherapy oils or incense. 
  • Set the intention of the bath. 
    • The energy you give to this bath is what you will get back, so set clear goals before taking it.
  • Fill the tub with water and add your additions.
    •  Add items to make the most of your baths, such as oils, flowers, and Himalayan sea salt.  Himalayan sea salts are known for their healing properties and the ability to draw out toxins and any impurities out of the body.  
Spiritual baths are useful for anyone. Take this small amount of time out of your day to help you truly relax and regain balance in your life.

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