I have seriously underestimated the importance of paying attention to the phases of the moon.

Since becoming aware of lunar cycles, I’ve noticed that at certain times of the month I am deeeeep in my feelings, and at other times, I’m more in tune with my creative side. The moon is going through various cycles as the days of the month are passing, and on the days that I am most creative, I realize that we happen to also be cycling through a full moon!

During a full moon, productivity hits different and this is the time to get shit done. The full moon is all about completion— but not only about completing projects or tasks. They are also valuable for wrapping up emotional cycles or completing a chapter in your life. And boo, you might as well get rid of those rose-colored lenses, because the full moon will have you seeing things for what they truly are and cause hidden emotions to expose themselves.

There is a full moon every month, but in rare cases, a month may have an extra full moon. This is where the term “every once in a blue moon” comes from (hence the big deal about this year’s full moon on Halloween!) There are only two full moons left for 2020, but you still have time to prepare for November 30th, where we will expect a full moon in the astrological sign of Gemini.

The thing about Gemini energy is that it’s lit AF! Gemini is an air sign and represents duality. This energy can be spontaneous and vivacious — and in the same breath— logical and coolheaded. The full moon in Gemini on the 30th calls us to pay attention to our actions and deal with our shadow sides – the darker parts of ourselves that we like to hide from ourselves and everyone else.

Full Moon Feelings GIF by Robin Eisenberg

How To Best Work With The Full Moon

The energy of the full moon can be felt up to three days before or after the transit, but some astrologers believe that the effects can even last up to two weeks. Keep reading below for some ways to navigate this energy and make the best of this lunar cycle:

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Let me know in the comments the ways that you are going to navigate the November 30 full moon! Do you already have a full moon ritual? Share those with us!

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