Moment of honesty: I’ve been writing this article since the beginning of November. I was not afraid of turning 30 at all, but I fell into a space of over reflecting (yes bae that is a thing). I would find a groove but my words felt fake. My first draft was giving very much: toxic positivity. “If you’re still in your twenties always remember to stay positive and just mediate and everything will fall into place”. I have 3 younger sisters in their twenties and I would never tell them that bullshit. Lol. As the self-proclaimed “Temple Muva”, of course, I am here to share my insights on getting through your 20s and becoming the grown woman/womxn I know you can be! 

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I would love to hear from you! For my dirty 30s tribe, aka the Aunties, what’s some gems for our Lil Sisters, Nieces, and Cousins? For the Lils, what’s one accomplishment you want to achieve in your 20s? 

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