Astrology, the practice used to reveal the conscious & unconscious beliefs about reality, has gained a lot of attention in mainstream media lately. While t astrology’s growing popularity on social media has allowed more people access to it, it’s  also played a big part in promoting misconceptions. From blatant generalizations about the signs to assumptions of fortune-telling, it’s not surprising that everyone seems to have a different perception of its relevance. As users look to social platforms to learn more about their sun signs, birth charts, and what it means to survive Mercury or Venus Retrograde, the lines between real and false are often blurred. Whether you want to understand more about yourself or just want to gain a clearer insight into the practice, Temple Indigo is here to offer some clarity on the matter. 

Before we get into misconceptions related to astrology, it is important to know the basic elements of astrology-the planets in a birth chart and their meanings. 

The most common sign that people associate with is their Sun sign. The Sun sign represents your inner core and overall general character.  

The Moon sign represents your emotions and instincts, which are usually presented when you have alone time. 

The Mercury sign reveals your ideal form of communication and how you process information. 

The Venus sign interprets your overall values and how you express affection to things you love most.

The Mars sign indicates how you assert yourself and choose to take action with certain energies surrounding you. 

The Jupiter sign rules your optimism, idealism, and expansion. It depicts what brings you the greatest happiness.

The Saturn sign details your greatest responsibilities, limits, and fears.  

The Uranus sign stays in each sign for seven years, it rules a generation more than a person. The Uranus sign rules your overall sense of rebellion and progress as a generation. 

The Neptune sign similar to the Uranus sign stays in each sign for fourteen years, so it represents a generation more than a person. The Neptune sign represents your overall relationship with your dreams and imagination.

The Pluto sign is also based on generation rather than a person because it remains in each sign for thirty years. The Pluto sign rules the overall amount of intensity, power, and obsession that you possess. 


Once you have learned and understood the meaning of each planet associated with your birth chart, you’ll form a deep and authentic interest in the ways astrology plays a role in your day to day life – which will only lead to more alignment and flow for your future.

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