Next week my mom is turning 50!

I am very excited to celebrate this milestone with her. Since I’ve been a little girl my mom’s been working extremely hard to take care of our family. And now that I’m a mother, I truly appreciate the sacrifices my mom made to ensure that we were provided for. I was born when my mom was only 19 and despite the odds, I never went without. My baby sister and I were very well taken care of spoiled, and there was never a time that mom didn’t come through.

My mom’s parenting style was giving very much “nurturing – but tough”. Like the other mothers of the 90’s, I knew that she was not one of my little friends. However, she rarely ever asked me if I had McDonald’s money. My mom always gave in to our requests. So it’s safe to say I got the best of both worlds. 

My mom was hard on us about our grades and keeping up with our chores, but she rewarded us with just about anything we asked for. I would say we were pretty close growing up, but I did keep a lot of secrets because again… she wasn’t one of my little friends. I rarely shared issues like boy problems, my first sexual encounters, or teenage drama.

But we’ve grown a lot closer since I’ve entered adulthood. Especially after I had my daughter. Since I have gained an interest in astrology and spirituality, I have more insights into our relationship and the ways to make it better. We are both water signs. Which explains why we bump heads often. Lol. She is a Cancer. And I am a Scorpio. 

We both are highly emotional and intuitive, but we each display our gifts in different ways. Our relationship works better when we are not living under the same roof. We both are extra and need time to recharge from one another. We have come to terms with that. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

My mom is an amazing grandmother and she is my daughter’s best friend (outside of me of course). And I’m glad that my sister and I are grown now so that my mom can go out and do bald-headed hoe shit with her friends. She has been outchea going to tea parties, getting drunk at Mexican restaurants, and doing trap cardio classes. I am a stan. 

It’s refreshing to see her finding things that make her happy. She has spent the majority of her life catering to us and I am excited to see how she spends her next 50 years. My mom deserves nothing but the best. And one day I’m going to make sure that she shakes her ass on a yacht. In Dubai. And that’s on Tik Tok! 

Have your parents celebrated any milestone birthdays? How do you feel about them getting older? Sound off in the comments! 

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