Here's Why it Will Boost Yours as well

Taking a pole class has never been an activity that I thought I would find myself invested in this year. Of course, I love watching the hit shows that have the dance as a central theme like P-Valley. And I’d occasionally imagine myself in another dimension being able to move my body like Keyshawn- but I never took the idea too seriously. 

Yet, this year I found myself enrolled in an impromptu pole dance class. My best friend had mentioned the idea in passing to me and had been able to secure a great deal for a local class. At first, I couldn’t help but have the dreadful fear of looking like an uncoordinated muppet– considering I feel like the only Black person on the face of the Earth who can’t dance–but I was inevitably able to enter the class with an open mind that promptly extended to open legs. 

Walking in, I was met with a massive ceiling to floor mirror, partnered with about eight poles lined up, each awaiting its next dance partner. I found myself snuggled at the last pole, standing next to my friend, who I should note was a trained hip hop dancer. 

Keyshawn pole dancing from HBO's P-Valley
Keyshawn pole dancing from HBO's P-Valley

A bit of time passed, and more people began to enter the studio; I realized I wasn’t the only student foreign to this experience and began to feel a bit of weight lifted from my shoulders. 

Class was about to begin and the instructor began to walk towards her central pole. We started with something relatively light, a few stretches like backbends and toe touches with our neighboring poles’ assistance. After about 5 minutes of this flexible routine, we began the first activity to build true confidence in not only the pole but in ourselves. 

Beginning at the back of the room, we were instructed to give our best sexy slow walk up to our respected poles while maintaining eye contact with ourselves in the mirror. Although it sounds relatively straightforward, this task required a bit of introspection and comfortability with yourself– something I had but felt especially more self-conscious with as the full-length mirror gawked at my “runway walk.” 

We began to strut to the front, and once we were side to side with our respected poles, we were instructed to dip to the side and do a spin before speeding up our walk to move towards the back of the room again. The act was repeated about five times, and once I hit my second spin, I felt like that bitch. I was sporting a long ginger wig at the time, so my confidence was significantly elevated as my bright hair swayed with each movement.

As the class progressed, we moved to more intricate tricks that required the utmost of upper body strength- something that I lacked in. Nevertheless, forcing my body to swing against the pole sensually and drop to Beyonce’s “Partition” brought out a new side of me. 

Unlocking Bad Bitch Energy
Unlocking Bad Bitch Energy

I felt like I was alluding to the utmost feminine energy that skyrocketed my confidence to the next level. I walked in this class awkward and unsure of myself, but left exuding supreme sexual energy and confidence. I left that class loving my body and feeling unapologetic for my curves; I’m not sure if it was the numerous sexy walks or my new ability to swing myself around the pole, but I felt like a boss. No, I didn’t leave with the skills of the cast of P-valley. Still, I did secure a confidence boost that has continued to express how I navigate the world with divine feminine energy and comfortability in my sensuality. Pole dancing is a class I would suggest to anyone looking to step out of the box and unlock a new confidence level.

Beyond the obvious reasons why pole dancing can impact your overall confidence. Here are a few other reasons to consider enrolling in a class.

  1. It can help you feel sexy
  2. It makes you feel eager and excited to work out
  3. It helps you shoot for and reach your goals
  4. Learn to love your body no matter what
  5. Feel great knowing how far you’ve come and how far you will go

Unlock your next level of bad-bitch energy and enroll in a virtual or local pole class as we prepare for 2021’s hot girl summer.



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