Well, friends, it’s that time again.

Do you feel like your communication is a little off? Having a hard time making a firm decision? Mercury retrograde is the blame! You may be thinking “sh*t we just got out of the mess that was 2020…give me a break”. Trust me, these are my thoughts als,o but we can’t help planetary placements! 

But don’t stress bae. We at the Temple are here to help you get through this retrograde and unleash your inner baddie during this period!

So, how long is this Mercury Retrograde gonna last sis?

Well, it’s technically already started. The official start date of this retrograde is Saturday, January 30th however, we are in the preshadow period that began on January 15th. This means that we can start feeling some of the effects of the retrograde now. Mercury goes direct on Saturday, February 20th but you may still feel the wrath of Mercury until Saturday March 13th.

What sign is Mercury going reverse in?

This retrograde is in the sign of Aquarius. If you know anyone who is an Aquarius, you know that they can be a little forgetful! These are your homegirls that ‘meant to text you back’ days ago. Lol. You don’t charge it to their hearts because you know they will eventually call you to check in. 

This retrograde is all about communication and travel mishaps. Also, Aquarius rules technology. If your phone or laptop starts tripping out of nowhere, this is the reason why. The sign of Aquarius rules friendships so there may be a little spiciness amongst those in our social circle.

How can I get through the madness of the Retrograde?!

The key to conquering the retrograde is not viewing it as a negative. Yes, it can be a shitty few weeks… but only if you allow it to be! Try to retrain your mind to think about the retrograde as a reflective period that you’re learning a lesson from.

During this time, be sure to:

  • Double and triple check any texts, emails, or other forms of communication before hitting send. You don’t want to mistakenly send that fire ass nude that was meant for your boo… or non-boo to your manager. Or worse. Your mom. Lol.


  • Reassess your friendships. This is not the time to go out and add new members to the team. Take a step back and evaluate those in your inner circle. Are they serving your higher purpose? Is the friendship/relationship mutually beneficial? Is there a lot of unspoken competition? The retrograde has a funny way of showing us who is truly supposed to be in our lives.
  • Look more deeply into your self-care routine. How are you handling unforeseen circumstances? What do you do when you are faced with disappointment? Be sure to be gracious with yourself. We are all learning and unlearning. Retrogrades are great for reminiscing and applying new methods of coping.

Are you ready for the retrograde? How are you going to get through the first retrograde of the year?


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