One Thing From 2020 That Should Keep Going? Black Women Winning

We made it out of 2020.   Take some time to sit with that. Celebrate. You survived! Now that we’re past that whirlwind of a year, some people may want to forget it altogether. Others may look back on it and only see dismay and chaos. Being on “the other side” might make you want to […]

“(Wellbeing &) Pleasure Play by Play”: Half & Half vs. The Game

Somehow, many of us have lived most of our lives under the impression that “having it together” is the determining factor of adulthood. We’ve lived our lives under the guise that our relationships need to be perfect, too – without any confusion or grey area. Although, if this time apart from one another has taught […]

Tips And Tricks To Break Out Of The Dreaded “Creative Block”

Creator’s block is not fun, no matter what kind of art you make.  Inspiration is something that naturally ebbs and flows. We know this — and yet as creatives it can still feel jarring and hopeless when we find ourselves unable to create. What is a writer who doesn’t write? What is a photographer who […]