One Thing From 2020 That Should Keep Going? Black Women Winning

We made it out of 2020.   Take some time to sit with that. Celebrate. You survived! Now that we’re past that whirlwind of a year, some people may want to forget it altogether. Others may look back on it and only see dismay and chaos. Being on “the other side” might make you want to […]

How SZA’s ‘Hit Different’ Came For My Life…and My Entanglement

How SZA’s ‘Hit Different’ Came For My Life…and My Entanglement

I ain’t even gone hold ya….I’ve been craving an emotional connection that my casual partners do not provide me. I’m very keen on defining relationships and not crossing boundaries. If we have discussed our situation and have determined that we are just fucking, then we just fucking. Lol. Of course, we can have conversations outside […]

Celebrate Every Black Woman Or Leave Us Alone: Music, Awards & Palatability

Music genres — like award shows — have a history of boxing in mainstream artists, while excluding alternative artists. Within the last few years, genre-benders have forced nomination boards to develop new categories that accommodate their unique sound. And while these categories allow for a little more wiggle room, they still have an undertone of palatability. Between the media […]

Temple Tunes: The Playlist to Elevate Your Mood

During the stay at home lockdowns and worries related to the impact of COVID-19, it is easy to get down and discouraged about the uncertain future. Luckily, music is a great way to help elevate your mood to make you feel happier and more hopeful about the future.  Temple Indigo has created a playlist filled […]