Tarot for When You’re In Your Feelings

Tarot for When You're In Your Feelings

You ok, sis? Aside from the nonstop news, America being America, and those social media takes that make you question humanity, you probably have a host of personal things to deal with too. It seems like life is always throwing something at us. Don’t get me wrong, life is beautiful — but it does know […]

Rebounding: It’s As Mental (& Spiritual) As It Is Physical

Relationships are some of our most prized possessions. While they aren’t necessarily “things to possess”, they bring us joy, they help us grow and they remind us of who we are. Although, ultimately, it’s the relationship that we have with ourselves that inform how we move through the world. So, even when they come to […]

Honoring The Shadow: Healing Our Inner Child

Honoring The Shadow- Healing Our Inner Child

The little girl I saw by the water ran into the sun. Her reflection traced the water near her feet; her hair and skin alive with possibility. You wouldn’t believe how long she lived in the shadows, a frail thing seemingly plucked from beneath the stairs. She looked like me. Brighter, more awake, less fearful. […]