How To Cool Down When The Bedroom Is Heating Up

I don’t know about you, friend, but I love having sex — and I hate being hot. But alas, summer is naturally a sexy time of the year. From everyone being in their swimsuits, rooftop brunches, and men having the audacity to come out the house looking like thots in their gray shorts… it’s hard […]

Consent: Why We Need It & Why Asking For It Needs To Be Normalized

If this is one of the first times that you’re reading the phrase “normalize consent”, then it may sound like a foreign concept. “Normalizing” something requires that we think about it often, talk about it openly and do it every chance that we get.  “Consent” requires us to consider permissions, what’s legal vs. illegal and, […]

How To Keep It Spicy With Your Non-Boo, Boo and/or Bae During A Panorama

How To Keep It Spicy With Your Non-Boo, Boo, And Or Bae During A Panorama

When you’ve been spending more time than usual with your non-boo, boo or bae, things can start to feel a bit monotonous. It may feel like the monotony is due to a lack of interest, when it could simply be a lack of inspiration. Think about when you fell for your partner or decided you […]

(Wellbeing &) Pleasure Play by Play: Moesha vs. The Parkers

When we think about the love that can be experienced in high school versus that of college, it’s almost like comparing apples to oranges (or if we’re thinking about it from a holiday theme, then pumpkins to sweet potatoes.) Sure, high school and college are both times of self-discovery, but there’s usually an assumed level of […]

Heaux Tales: Head Was On My Mind

Welcome to a brand new editorial series by Temple Indigo called Heaux Tales! In each segment, you’ll be introduced to a brand new story of debauchery, sex-scapades, and good ol’ fashioned heaux’ing. *Note: Each Heaux Tale is submitted anonymously by a Black womxn/femme. This week’s submission features a steamy quickie and power play over a […]