By: Corinne Dorsey

Whether you are currently in love or just smitten with the idea of love, this is the perfect playlist for you. This playlist, inspired by ’90s and early 2000’s R&B, is sure to fulfill your romantic needs and a bit of nostalgia in the process!

Cuffing season is among us, and hopeless romantics worldwide are thinking about someone to stay warm until the winter blows over. Love makes the world go round, and these love songs are perfect for your sweet, hopelessly romantic heart to capture your feelings better than our words can.

Temple Tunes Top 3

“The Way” by Jill Scott

Jill Scott is the queen of making you think you’re in Love. This song serves as the sensual ode to the special man in Scott’s life, and while listening, it’s hard not to sing along in agreeance. “The Way” will have you in your feelings about the lover (or future lover) in your life.

“Dangerously in Love” by Beyonce

Beyoncé is known for wearing her heart on her sleeve for almost every album she drops, including love songs that make every hopeless romantic swoon. Although every love song couldn’t make the playlist, her classic Dangerously in Love makes the top 3. Dangerously in Love embodies what it feels like when evolving into a new identity with a significant other, which can be beautiful—or incredibly dangerous.

“When I See U” by Fantasia

Fantasia’s classic hit is all about the early stages of a crush or relationship. You crave everything about the other person and help but be captivated by them in everything you do. This song is an anthem for Hopeless Romantics, who have that special someone in mind in almost everything you do.

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