2020 has been beyond overwhelming and is notably one of the most tumultuous years I’ve ever experienced. From the beginning of a pandemic to the loss of so many legends like Chadwick Boseman and Kobe Bryant, this year has brought a wave of emotions. But even amid the chaos, there is still room for positive energy going into the new year. So as you manifest the life you deserve moving into the new year, listen to this playlist to set those goals and create your ideal mindset going into 2020.

No Small Talk by Kari Faux

The chorus of this song says it all! “Bitch I’m taking calls, no small talk!” And that’s on, period! All of 2020, we have no time for small talk or anything that isn’t worth our time. It is essential to be intentional with our time. 

I Was Here by Beyonce

This song is an immediate call to action that we cannot waste our time on things that will not further our spiritual and mental growth. We have to live in intention and our best self-interest. 2021 is our time to leave our mark in this world.

Scuse Me by Flo Milli

This anthem is all about loving yourself, and as we go into the new year, it’s essential for you to feel yourself and remember that you are THAT ONE! Girl, if you have been feeling down on yourself or a bit less confident than usual, turn this song on to full volume! A chiller alternative on the playlist is Scuse Me by Lizzo.

What tunes are you listening to this holiday season? Let us know in the comments below!

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