The world of tarot is nothing new, despite what social media may lead you to believe.

Spiritual warriors have been reading and interpreting tarot cards and oracle decks for hundreds of years. Tarot and oracle decks are very popular divination tools. A divination tool is simply any item that helps us feel more connected with our spiritual selves. A few examples of divination tools are The Bible, crystals, tarot decks, and the Quran.

What is a tarot deck? What do they “do”?

A tarot deck is a set of 78 cards that have their own imagery and meanings. The cards are broken up into two sets: Major and Minor Arcana. The Major Arcana include 22 cards that represent the big life lessons we are supposed to conquer. The Major Arcana tells the story of someone who is navigating through the cards aka life.

The Minor Arcana include 16 court cards that represent various personality traits and 40 numbered cards that cards represent the everyday challenges that we experience in our lives. The purpose of tarot is to use the cards to guide us on our journey at mastering life. Tarot is used to confirm our thoughts, boost confidence and push us towards the direction of our dreams.

In addition, we can utilize Oracle Decks. These are cards that have a looser interpretation than your standard tarot deck. Most authors of Oracle Decks come up with their own meanings for their cards. They usually contain as many cards as the authors want the deck to have.


What is a tarot reading?

Chile! Tarot readings are the GOAT. You can do a reading on yourself (once you learn the cards) or have someone do a reading for you. The reader first shuffles then draws the cards. The cards that have been drawn are called a spread. The reader then interprets the spread based on your unique situation.

 For example, if you are receiving a love reading your spread may tell you that bae is outchea in these streets with everyone but you or that this may be a good time to take your new relationship to the next level! There are many different readings that you can receive other than love. Career, finance and 3-6 month overviews are all other very popular readings.

A few tarot resources for black girls.

Youtube: There are a ton of black Tarot readers on Youtube. A few of my favorites are Arcana Priestess Tarot and Tarot By Bronx. They both offer general readings that are based on your zodiac sign. If you want a more personalized experience, they both offered paid readings.

Black Girl Tarot Decks: I love decks that contain imagery of black people. A favorite deck amongst black readers is the Modern Witch Tarot Deck. The deck features imagery of the classic Rider-Waite-Smith deck that is reimagined with diverse characters and an all-female cast. Super dope! There are many indie and mass-produced decks for us witchy black femmes.

Local or Online Magic Shops: Black femmes are opening up brick and mortar and online shops that you can utilize for all of your spiritual needs. A quick Esty search will lead you to dozens of shops that you can purchase your divinity tools from.

Are you into tarot? What is your favorite deck? Do you read for others? Who are your favorite readers? Let’s get witchy in the comments!

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