Every day the world tells us that as Black women, we are not enough. And because of this chilling fact, wellness is essential to protecting our mind, body, and spirit. It is vital to replenish ourselves daily with affirmations and self-love acts that will feed our souls. 

I’ve always known the importance of showing yourself self-love and implementing affirmations, but this quarantine has given me an optimal time of self-reflection through solitude. I’ve always been connected to spirituality and thanking the higher power of God. Still, as I’ve been given more time to look into the scope of astrology and learning ways to vibrate with a higher sense of consciousness, Instagram’s spiritual healers and guides have been vital to my growth as a Black woman.

I came from a pretty traditional background religiously that never spanned into allowing new forms of self-reflection, such as astrology. Luckily as I became more interested in astrology after reading more about its background, it has given me an understanding of how its role connects to how I and others navigate the world. In addition to this, my ancestors’ role also plays a relatively new role that has expanded as I connect to more of my African roots.

Although I am sharing a few of my experiences navigating my spiritual growth- my journey is still under MAJOR construction. My needs and understandings are continuously changing, but this allows me to grow and prioritize my mental and emotional health.

Therefore, my spiritual journey has been a web of research, meditation, and self-reflection to see what best practices and routines work well for me. These spiritual and healers and guides that I have listened to and learned from have only helped expand my understanding of self and awaken my greatest possible relationship with God.

In my early stages of following spiritual healers and astrologers, I found Simi Moonlight, a writer and content creator that offers insight on issues that impact black women specifically.

Simi focuses on the importance of addressing colorism and learning to love yourself regardless of society’s biases towards black women. Her phenomenal content has helped shape how I view myself and how critical it is to prioritize your self-worth and care as you navigate the world and understand your relationship with spirituality. Her insight and guidance opened my eyes to the importance of affirmations cards and linked me to the deck that I use faithfully today, the “I Am Everything” Affirmation Card Deck.

After adding affirmation cards to my daily routine, I slowly began to form a greater interest in astrology and found Novi Brown, an actor and astrologer who is all about offering spiritual guidance in collaboration with astrology. Her page has over 20+ IGTV videos that provide guidance and advice that helped strengthen my understanding of God and view his power in my life in a new light. One of my favorite videos by her that is clipped from one of her longer IG lives is “God is giving us time to get back on our intended pathways.”

In this message, she offers insight that we should never underestimate the blessings in which God delivers in our lives. In her daily videos, she also unpacks the meaning behind our charts, and the more significant role astrology can play in our lives if we choose to accept its presence.

One of the more recent wellness guides that I have found on social media is Trap Yoga Bae. Trap Yoga Bae is  yoga + mindset coach, that teaches women how to become confident within themselves. Her page offered the best yoga tips and she delves into the importance of healing practices and shifting our mindsets. Alongside her wellness insight, she posts the best daily quotes that may become your next screensaver!

All three of these women have offered insights that I never realized I needed to in order to connect with my higher self and understand how vital it is to know myself. And each of these women have helped me as a Black woman of faith grow the courage to believe and assert that “I am”: I am here, and I am worth it.

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