Heyyy muvas! As we reflect on the absolute chaos that has been 2020, from pandemic to politics, you are likely under WAY more stress than the average new mom usually is. I feel for you, boo. You are the real MVP, and this holiday season, you deserve.


When my daughter was first born, I wasn’t interested in gifts like purses or shoes. I would have loved a gift centered around an experience – something to get me out of the house and allow me to just be ME — not mommy — even for just a little while. Something as simple as a wash and style at the natural hair salon or a weekend getaway would have been perfect! Gifting experiences to new moms is a great way to show her that her interest and needs outside of the baby are still important and to remind her that she is still a person who deserves all the love, care, and attention she is not giving to her little one(s).

This year, you probably couldn’t have your ideal baby shower. Or you’ve been overwhelmed with your new responsibilities in addition to all the added precautions that come with having a newborn in a pandemic. You deserve celebration, relaxation, and whatever you need to feel good.

Here are some gift ideas that you can request from your boo, your parents, your homegirls, or anyone who has said (for the hundredth time) “let me know if you need anything!”

1. Host an at-home wine tasting.

Gather up mama’s closest friends and favorite family members and host a (socially distant) wine tasting! Decorate the tasting space to jump-start the vibes and be sure to have plenty of wine-friendly snacks available! The McBride Sisters Wine Collection has a Black Girl Magic line that comes in 3, 6, or 12 pack bundles. You can try new wines, catch up with your squad, and support a Black-owned business! It’s a win-win!

2. Join a subscription service.

You have been focused on your new bundle of joy— which is wonderful! —but don’t neglect the areas of your life that are just for you! Starting a new hobby could be a good way for you to take time for yourself and declutter your mind. “Mommy brain” is a real thing! A dope way to dive deep into a new hobby is to buy a monthly subscription box. For our spiritual mamas, The Cosmic Crystal Box is an amazing introduction to the healing properties of crystals for as low as $21 a month. If you want to venture into home decor and crafting, Home Made Luxe sends out a monthly kit that includes a DIY crafting project. Don’t fret! The instructions and all necessary materials are included.

3. Ask for a mommy makeover day!

Just because you are a new mama doesn’t mean you can’t pop out!! In the spirit of social distancing, taking a virtual makeup class is a fun way to learn a makeup routine that works for your lifestyle and complement your features (even if the only people who will see it will be on the other side of a Zoom screen). Moka Beaute Studio offers a virtual makeup class via Zoom for $75. Once your class is over head over to your favorite nail salon for a much-needed mani/pedi. If you want to go the extra mile, try that out that new wig or braided style you’ve been seeing on IG and Pinterest!

Have you been interested in receiving an experience as a gift? Have some additional ideas? List them below!

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