It’s primetime for the cuffing season, as we begin to enter the season of love and a true day of passion, Valentine’s Day. Whether you already have a bae in mind or you’re dealing with your singledom as the holiday slowly arises. This is the perfect playlist to either get in your feelings or cozy up with your valentine.

Here are a few cuffing tips to get prepared for the holiday:

Know What You Want

While in quarantine, there are only a few avenues to find your next bae, with the most popular option being dating apps. Dating apps are fun, for some but if you are really trying to scout out your next bae for February 14th or your next zoom pop-out event, it’s essential to know what you want beforehand. If you’re dtf- own that, if you’re looking for a relationship-own that, but whatever your preference is, know your intentions before messing with a partner that may be a complete waste of time.

Ask How They Have Spent Their Quarantine

We are still in a pandemic, and although you may be keeping up safety precautions,  your next bae may end up being the dreaded anti-maskers. Before investing too much time, ask how they have spent their time throughout the pandemic to ensure you stay as safe as possible.

Make Sure This Can Be Your Binge Buddy

This isn’t the ideal time to do optimal dating 24/7, but if you think this is a partner that you can literally do nothing with and still be satisfied with, then they may be the one for you. Being or merely being a homebody is definitely a must when finding your quarantine bae, so try to see if your personality will mesh in this way. 

What’s your go to Valentine’s Day playlist? Let us know in the comments below!

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