Write for Temple Indigo

Are you a writer and want to contribute to Temple Indigo? We invite up-and-coming as well as accomplished writers to submit their article ideas.
Our content centers Black womxn’s wellness and lifestyle. We prefer pieces that highlight or provide ways to increase Black womxn’s joy, satisfaction, peace, self-love, etc. Please read previous articles to understand our voice and the kind of content we post here.
We do not publish fiction or poetry.
Please make sure that your submission is not a repeat of an idea or piece already published on the site. Shared ideas can be built upon, re- and de-constructed to create original thoughts.
We reserve the right to accept or deny any submission at our own discretion. Submissions that include stereotypes, respectability politics, and negative generalizations about Black womxn will be denied.
We do not accept previously published work. If you have a previously published piece that you would like to share, try to rework the piece to convey the same message without being the same article. Pieces originally published at Temple Indigo can be published on other platforms one year after publishing, unless given express permission from Temple Indigo.
Currently, all original published pieces are compensated at a rates of $50-$100 per piece unless otherwise approved.
We are currently looking for submissions on the following topics:
  • Self-Care/Holistic Health: Experiences with cannabis, psychedelics, or other “taboo” substances as a means of spiritual connection and/or self-care and holistic health.
  • Holistic Health: Herbs, herbalism, how herbs can contribute to overall health, how to find reputable sources for herbs and herbal information, etc.
  • Food + Drink: Less about recipes (though you are free to include one), more about your experiences with particular dishes/beverages – emotional connections (how and why does it bring you joy?), African Diasporic historical context, what it taught you, how it changed you, etc.
  • Home: Decor on a budget, in a small space, as a means of self-care, house plants (choosing them, caring for them, experiences in plant parenthood, gardening in small spaces) etc.
  • Relationships: dating during a pandemic, friend breakups, mother/daughter dynamics, sister/sibling experiences, etc.
  • Art + Media: Reviews and roundups of books, movies, music, and other mediums that celebrate or reimagine Black womxn’s joy, wellness, and freedom.
  • Features + Interviews: Black womxn doing work dedicated to Black womxn’s wellness, joy, pleasure, safety, etc.
We are always accepting submissions to Ask IndigoHeauxTales, gift guide suggestions, and current events. 

Send your submission to hello@templeindigo.com with “PITCH” and your topic/tentative title in the subject line. Your submission should include a one paragraph (five to seven sentences) summary of your proposed piece, a one- to two-sentence personal bio, and a high-resolution photo (.jpg/.png) of yourself.
All pieces submitted are subject to any changes suggested by the editor. Please be open and willing to work with the editor to refine your piece.
We will reach out to you if your submission is chosen. We are unable to respond to all submissions.